Marley the Pug

Relocating overseas is a detailed and challenging process. Organizing your household goods for moving, getting the family organized, buying or renting a new house, registering the children in new schools, purchasing cars are just for starters. Then you must arrange your pet’s travel.

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Holiday Pet Scams

The joy of seeing a child’s eyes light up when they are given a brand-new puppy or kitten is one of the things that makes the holiday season magical.  Unfortunately, there are those that will turn that joy to tears.  During the holiday season there is a rise in pet scams. Here are some tips that you can use…

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Travel During the Hoildays

Over the hills and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go.  Nowadays many people travel by air to see grandma. Often, they bring along their pets. But before you head to grandma’s house, make sure that you know the requirements for your destination and airline.

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